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  ◆25th Academic Conference
  The 25th Academic Meeting was held by the Foundation for Mongolian Culture and sponsored by Japan Learning co. Ltd.   We really appreciate all your attendance, and are grateful for the active participation of both guests and lecturers. The meeting has been a great success.   The followings are details of the meeting.

Venue: Nihonbashi Dori 2 Chome Building 6th Floor, Nihonbashi 2-2-6, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan (Japan Learning Co., Ltd. )
Time:Dec. 23, 2014
Chairperson:Has Baator

Opening address:
13:00~13:05 Gandush (Director, The Foundation for Mongolian Culture)

13:05~13:10 Hasbaatar (Chief Director, The Foundation for Mongolian Culture)

Mr. Katsumasa Kaku ( Japan Learning Co., Ltd. Representative Director)
Title:Internationalization · IT Enrollment and Human Resources Strategy of Japanese Business -Employment of Foreigners and Japanese Styled Education

Dr. Has Baator(Chief Director, The Foundation for Mongolian Culture/Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd.
General Manager of Engineering Department)
Title: The Introduction of seismic activities in Japan and Mongolia

Dr. Hasi Bagan (National Institute for Environmental Studies Researcher, College of Agriculture, Ibaraki University)
Title: Earth Degradation of Inner Mongolia --- Analysis over Satellite Image

15:00-15:20 Tea break

Dr. Daorina (Researcher, Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Title: Effect of Hydroxyapatite Precipitation on Titanium Surface Treatment

Mr. Naras (Director, The Foundation for Mongolian Culture/PhD Student, The University of Tokyo )
Title: Wikipedia Uploads or Editing with Mongolian Letters

17:00-17:10 Closing address
Dr. Munhbaatar (Director, The Foundation for Mongolian Culture)
Images of Academic meeting

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  ◆24th Academic Conference
Time: Dec. 8th 2014(Sat) 13:00~17:30
Venue:Hongo Satelite 5th floor, seminar room, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. 2-14-10, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Namura(Foreign researcher , Faculty of Letters, Chiba University)
Title: About Resources of Nomadic

Bao Xiao Lan (Doctoral Program, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Title: A Study on the The traditional mode of physician-patient relationship in Mongolian Medicine

Special Lecture
Hasbaatar (Professor,Research Institute for Languages and cultures of Manzhurish, Hei Long Jiang University)
Title: The connection between Mongolian language and Manzhurish Language

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  ◆23rd Academic Conference

  On 11 November 2012, the foundation held its 23rd Academic Meeting in Tokyo.
  The discussion topic of the meeting was the relationship between the pastoral ecosystem and farmers’ cooperatives in Inner Mongolia, China.
  We invited one specialist each from Inner Mongolia Normal University and Inner Mongolia Agricultural University in China.

The Foundation for Mongolian Culture
 President Hexigbayar

P1080632.png P1080651.png

Nov 11th,2012(Sunday)
Start at
Bunkyo-ku, 2-14-10,Tokyo Hongo
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Hongo satellite the third floor conference room
The Foundation for Mongolian Culture

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  ◆Previous Academic Conferences

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