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The Foundation for Mongolian Culture was established in Tokyo, Japan in June 2002 by Mongolian ethnics from China.It is administered by a number of Mongolian and Japanese volunteers.
In China, Mongolians live not only in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, but also in other provinces and autonomous regions such as Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Qinghai, Gansu, and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
Today, in China many Mongolian school children suffer under economic difficulty. They also have little opportunity to learn their native language and traditional culture from their parents during their childhood.
We are Mongolians originating from China, presently living in Japan, who in order to maintain and promote traditional Mongolian culture and cultivate the next generation of intellectuals, have established “the Foundation for Mongolian Culture”.

The Aim of the Foundation
The purpose of the organization is to support promotion of Mongolian language education and Mongolian traditional culture in China.

Since its establishment to now (2015), the foundation has offered scholarships to 823 Mongolian children in 23 high schools in China.

Main Activities

(1)To offer scholarship to Mongolian children in China
(2)To hold charity concerts
(3)To hold academic conferences
(4)To hold Mongolian cultural events


Board of directors (Audit Organization)
Managing Director

Application procedure

The scholarship program is carried out through schools designated by the Foundation.
The applicants must submit applications to their schools, and require the recommendation of the Presidents of their schools.
Finally, the board of directors determine last recipients.


Contact address: 〒192-0904 Room 23, No.2 Park Mansion, 2-25-6 Koyasu-cho, Hachiouji City, Tokyo, Japan

Bank account: Postal transfer of Tokyo Central Post Office, Japan
Account number: 00120-0-169282
Account name: The Foundation for Mongolian Culture
Annual membership fee: Student 2,000 yen, adult 5,000 yen

The Foundation for Mongolian Culture

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